All eight of Jan's Creative Jumpstarts


In this bundle you will learn all the techniques, tips and tricks that Jan uses to create her work in a thorough and engaging way. Set in a casual atmosphere as if you were sitting next to her as she paints. She tells anecdotes, stories, and in depth reasons for how she works.




CREATIVE JUMP START I: Thick fur, rocks, and techniques to create subtle background

CREATIVE JUMP START II: Feathers, Bark and lichen

CREATIVE JUMP START III: Short fur and eyes

CREATIVE JUMP START IV: Ruffled feathers & forest floor detritus: dirt, leaves, pine needles

CREATIVE JUMP START V: Flat Bark and Heavily Patterned Feathers

CREATIVE JUMP START VI: Water and wet feathers

CREATIVE JUMP START VII: Patterned (spotted) fur and grasses

CREATIVE JUMP START VIII: Snow, shadows and highlights. Animal TBD

All videos should be up early 2017 - if not sooner

Number I & II is up and ready, number III in editing, and IV to soon follow

Your Instructor

Jan Martin McGuire
Jan Martin McGuire

Jan Martin McGuire is an award-winning artist, internationally renowned for her wildlife paintings. Her love of the natural world and art has been within her since her first memories as a child. With the help and support of her parents she nurtured this passion throughout her childhood. As a young adult she continued her education with books and with workshops from some of Wildlife art's masters; even as she began her own professional art career.

After thirty seven years painting professionally, Jan has the desire to share the tips and techniques that she has learned from others and of those things she has learned herself. Her work has appeared in numerous national and international exhibitions, including the Society of Animal Artists, Art of the Animal Kingdom and Birds in Art. and is the author of the drawing instructional book "Wolves Foxes, & Coyotes".

Her goals for her courses begin with the basics of learning her materials and techniques - including a short introduction video - moving on to her "CREATIVE JUMPSTART" series of 8 paintings where she will show you in completed demos how she incorporates her techniques. She will then move to more in-depth immersion courses where she will do complete paintings and allow for questions and answers via email exchanges with her followers.

From Robert Bateman's Foreward to Jan’s Upcoming Book -


“There are a lot of painters out there but only a tiny percent of those that I would call a true artist. Jan Martin McGuire is one of the few. She is truly an artist for two reasons. The obvious one is that she has the necessary skills and talents but the most important reason is that she paints that which is important in her life. Too much so-called art is a bunch of interior decorating. Jan’s work comes from her heart. A big piece of her heart belongs in Africa. I could say this about myself, having been there over a dozen times. But Jan’s work leaves me in awe. Many of her African paintings are truly stunning in their drama.


"Jan Martin McGuire is not only an extraordinary artist but also an exceptional teacher. The technics she uses in her paintings enable her to seamlessly integrate her subjects into their surroundings in a way that looks natural and yet artistic. Having taken a number of her workshops I would highly recommend her classes to any artist who would like to excel as a wildlife artist.” ~ D. SINDT

The workshop I took with Jan was jam-packed with information that is critical to every artist's success. She covered not only technique and composition but common mistakes that can ruin a painting. All delivered with a personal touch and examples from her own stunning work. C.S.

"As a graphite artist trying to learn a new medium, Jan's class was a complete eye opener. I was able to learn color and painting techniques that would have taken years to figure out on my own and has opened an entire new world of art to me!" ~Gayla Salvati

“This spring, my wife and I participated in a week long art workshop taught by our favorite wildlife artist, Jan Martin McGuire. Normally, if I pick up one or two new ideas or techniques at a seminar, I call it a success. With Jan, her mix of lecture, demo, paint along, humor, critiques, etc. provided a non-stop supply of tips and tricks to improve our art. We hope to get the opportunity to study under her at a future class, and look forward to her new “Online sharing” tutorials!”

~Don and Lynda

Cindy Sorley-Keichinger

“I really enjoyed Jan's workshop. Getting an insight to how Jan thinks, then her showing exactly how she gets her textures, and the tricks and tips involved....wonderful complete learning experience. The methods really speed you up, but keep the look of what you want.”

I took a workshop with Jan Martin McGuire in Kerrville. Jan is an outstanding teacher who is completely sharing of all the techniques,composition philosophy, marketing ideas,and artistic approach she uses for her beautiful work.You leave her workshop having been given a piece of her artistic soul.

Steve Boster MD

My experience at the Tex Art Workshop with Jan Martin McGuire

The best thing about Jan’s class was the incredible amount of information and experience that she has to offer! She is obviously highly motivated and willing to share as much as possible.

In the five days we had at the workshop, Jan’s class included everything from original concept and step by step procedures that she goes through in painting, to life experiences that are inspirational for any nature lover or art enthusiast – as well as technical information on wildlife photography (given by her husband James) and business advice. The information that she imparted (using power point) was organized, thorough and clear, with images and text that emphasized the steps necessary for creating a successful wildlife painting!

I gleaned just as much from the many stories that Jan tells, whether it was about animals, her early life or professional challenges. Her life stories – some quite humorous – give you a personal perspective and an understanding of her motivation in painting. As those with similar interests often find, I saw similarities to my own life! I found this inspiring! Hearing about Jan’s personal experiences also added greatly to my overall understanding of what it takes to work successfully as a professional wildlife artist.

Course Curriculum

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Courses Included with Purchase

Introduction to Acrylics (Chromacolours UK ®) and Gallery Walk
Some of Jan's techniques with Acrylics (Chromacolours ®) and a talk about her work
Jan Martin McGuire
FOX & ROCKS - Learn Jan's techniques for rendering thick fur and organic rocks. Introductory Video and Price
Jan Martin McGuire
WOODPECKER & TREE - Learn Jan's techniques for creating feathers and realistic organic bark
Jan Martin McGuire
COUGAR PORTRAIT - Jan shows how she creates life in the eyes, as well depicting short fur
Jan Martin McGuire
CLARK'S NUTCRACKER & FOREST FLOOR DETRITUS- Learn how to create ruffled feathers and true to life detritus on forest floor
Jan Martin McGuire
OWL ON BIRCH TREE - Watch Jan share how to do smooth bark like a paper birch, plus the tackling the feather patterns that are complicated
Jan Martin McGuire
WATERFOWL & WATER - Watch how Jan effortlessly creates water and then adds a waterfowl to the scene
Jan Martin McGuire
SERVAL & GRASS - Jan shows how she creates realistic grasses, both far away and up close. She will also share how she works with spotted fur
Jan Martin McGuire
SNOW Day - Learn how to create all the subtle colors of snow using multiple layers quickly dried with a hair dryer. Sparkles created by a toothbrush. Animal in
Jan Martin McGuire

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